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24 Oct 2016>

The real-world uses for virtual reality

Think of virtual reality and you will probably conjure up images of fantastical landscapes in a game or film set.
But VR can also be embedded in reality to give people more understanding of the world around them.Increasingly it is being used as a tool by journalists, teachers, healthcare workers and retailers.The BBC took a look at a few of the more unexpected uses of the technology. Read More >

22 Oct 2016 >

Smart devices used in website attack

Hackers used internet-connected home devices, such as CCTV cameras and printers, to attack popular websites on Friday, security analysts say.

Twitter, Spotify, and Reddit were among the sites taken offline on Friday.

Each uses a company called Dyn, which was the target of the attack, to direct users to its website.

Security analysts now believe the attack used the “internet of things” Read More >

22 Oct 2016>

Game spark anger

Consumers have complained about retailer Game’s decision to charge for demos of Sony’s new Playstation Virtual Reality headset.

The firm is charging £5 ($6) for 10 minutes or £15 for a half hour in-store trial.

Game’s customer services department told the BBC that the fee was refundable against headset orders.. Read More >

21 Oct 2016>

Samsung ‘blocks’ exploding Note 7 parody videos

Samsung appears to have filed copyright claims against YouTube videos mocking its recalled Galaxy Note 7 handset.

Many gamers have showcased a modification to video game Grand Theft Auto V, in which sticky bombs were switched with exploding Samsung phones.

But some have reported that their videos have been blocked on YouTube following a copyright complaint. Read More >

24 Oct 2016 >

Webcams used to attack Reddit and Twitter recalled

Home webcams that were hijacked to help knock popular websites offline last week are being recalled in the US.

Chinese electronics firm Hangzhou Xiongmai issued the recall soon after its cameras were identified as aiding the massive web attacks.

They made access to popular websites, such as Reddit, Twitter, Spotify and many other sites, intermittent. Read More >

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