Website Design & Development

We understand the ultimate goal of creating a website – to bring more business opportunity. We do not focus only on creating a nice looking web design but also on many other important elements such as usability, accessibility, the integrity of information and search engine optimization. Our web design process involves massive communication with clients to clearly understand their business goal and their target audience to create a successful website for their business.


Software / Application Development

We have helped a number of businesses to transform their manual workflow to software system over the years. We proudly presents mPOS – Point of Sales System with Stock Management System, Warehouse Management System, Laboratory Management System, Library Management System and Pawn Management System. Our responsibility as a Software House involves giving effective and efficient solution to client’s businesses. We believe our software training program and super after sales support service are reasons Why client chose us.


Email Services

We believe small things matter for a company to be successful. Using free email such as Gmail is ok for personal use. However, when it comes to your company, using is rather look unprofessional. It is best to use for better impression as well as control. We offer wide variety of Email Packages for your preference. Please check in Email Service Section in the next section.



Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing includes building a website, advertising the brand name through different social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Digital Marketing plays vita important role when it comes to reach through customers such as Specific Targeting and Segmentation, Interaction with the audience in timely manner, More Cost Effective than traditional media. According to research, people spend about 6.5 hours on the Internet and over 2 hours spent in Social Media on a typical day. So Why not go digital? Source Code expertise are here to consult your business needs and help you transform your business through digital.


Branding & Graphic Design

We are not just the graphic designers. We listen carefully about your business and your identity before conceptualizing the design process to create a perfect impression. We are here to help you create “VOICE” of your company.

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